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NotAFan forum 3 hours ago
So when is Galactus going to add a character suggestion tool or thread? Looking at the characters list was quite the experience.
whitesoxfan2178 forum 2 days ago
What does the power rating encompass? It clearly can't just mean superpowers, Elektra's power is almost 60, and Batman is voted to have a power rating in the 40s (I'm pretty sure).
people forum 2 days ago
When will the voting end?
people forum 2 days ago
people forum 2 days ago
When there's trouble you know who to call, call Cyborg!
people gallery image 2 days ago
Or you could keep it because it's funny, and I like the comments. So let's keep it.
people gallery image 2 days ago
Delete this picture, Galactus.
legoman2 gallery image 2 days ago
@Galactus how do you take off teams or characters because i think i accidentally added on action pack
legoman2 gallery image 2 days ago
Ummm no its says that it is the shocker under the picture. Its not my own i just added it onto the website.
Dash Jack-jack 3 days ago
He's awesome. The Incredibles: It's like seeing my family as superheroes.

New superhero class system!

The site has been collecting user generated stats for a while now. Over 13000 stat-bars have been created by you. I've renamed them to uSTATS. I also want to introduce the all new 'uCLASS', a class system based on the uSTATS. To get the uCLASS I need a perfect formula. The perfect balance between the six different stats. What do you think the perfect formula would be to create the uCLASS? What is the most important part of the stats, intelligence, power or....?

Forum: New superhero class system!


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