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Jmsullivan forum 18 hours ago
Suggestion: sort characters by class rating.
Deathstroke should get 91-97 Intelligence (Can use 9x more his brain than a common person), 97-100 Combat, Power 48-55 even Daredevil has 57 Power
eathstroke = Healing Factor, Reflexes, Immunity, Allrounder, Speed, Power, Stamina, Weapons, Agility, Prometheus Weapons...
We can't really use the fantastic 4 movies because they were quite terrible. But the surfer is not better than superman and GL purely because supermans only weakness is kryptonite and GL could call in JLA
Deathstroke is now stupidly limited to teen titans which is great but he needs to move up more in DCU and we need a suicide squad movie. He is easily the worlds greatest assassin and on here his stats are way too low.
people forum 2 days ago
@Avatar Prime Spider-Man is way overestimated on here. That's why his speed is higher. But a lot of people overestimate Spider-Man so what can ya do?
King6996 Broly 2 days ago
Broly would just blow him up with his blast
The Bruce Wayne forum 3 days ago
DC of course
The Bruce Wayne forum 3 days ago
The Bruce Wayne forum 3 days ago
add imperiex , anti-monitor ( not the sinestro corps one that you already have he is pretty weak), drax the destroyer , mon el , kal kent ( superman of the future )
The Bruce Wayne forum 3 days ago
Flash of course. In the comics he says that he can be faster even than light . he says that he can perseve things that last less than an attosecond. in an attosecond you can see light '' frozen'' with no movement. I think that it is pretty obvious that flash would win. also according to the marvel encyclopedia quicksilver can go to the past but only for a few weeks nothing more. he is nomatch to barry.


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