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HeisenbergVendetta forum 22 hours ago
Paul Rudd is listed on IMDb as Ant-Man
iamorinjr Batman 1 days ago
Batman is extremely intelligent in an outstandingly large number of fields putting his intelligence past that of stark and banner as they both are only considered geniuses in their respective fields.
iamorinjr Batman 1 days ago
Batman has created a telaporter. His intelligence definitely deserves to be max.
I lowered his intelligence by 16 cause I know for a fact goku is not a very bright guy
Sorry hero but have you ever seen naruto destroy a planet if naruto were to be upgraded to the power of dbz then naruto would whop gokus saiyan a**
They shouldnt have batman as the leader
iamorinjr She-Hulk 7 days ago
In jla vs avengers shehulk and Hercules face off against wonder woman and aquaman. Now wonder woman is more powerful than aquaman so the tougher of the 2 marvels would obviously match up against her. Herc fights WW while SH fights aquaman.
tom Wolverine 8 days ago
his name is Logan because his dad was called Logan and axadentally killed him
tom Sebastian Shaw 8 days ago
Sebastien Shaw was able to absorb energy to stop aging and made a semi team the other members were hazazel the true father to night crawler he could telaport like night crawler he could run on walls and he had a tail like night crawler but he was red next is Emma Frost and last but not least some guy who can make twisters out of his fingers
BaN3 forum 8 days ago
Deathstroke would not win however i would like to see who would win between Bane and the joker and Harley quinn. I would like to say bane would win but i think the joker and harley quinn would win.

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