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flarecrow Deathstroke 1 days ago
According to this night wing is a better fighter than he is in what universe is that true, his combat should be 100
Where is the rest of the squad harley, Captain boomerang, dead shot etc...
flarecrow Thanos 1 days ago
So......He is more powerful than darkseid because?
flarecrow forum 1 days ago
Appoint more mods please
flarecrow Beyonder 1 days ago
Every hero and villain need to be updated and reset
ImpulsiveArt1 Beyonder 1 days ago
Which is True, stopping war with just a mere whisper..
Jimmy Galactus 6 days ago
Jimmy A-Bomb 6 days ago
Jimmy Amazo 6 days ago
He is boss
ultra inferno Joker 8 days ago
he is a terrible villian i can beat him easily


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