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whitesoxfan2178 forum 1 hours ago
I think the order of stats in importance is, Power, Strength, Combat, Durability, Speed, Intelligence. and I think characters with superspeed should have high power levels, not just speed levels
Sameak Flash Thompson 2 days ago
This guy becomes agent Venom.
DarkKnight98 forum 3 days ago
Batman wins, but once again if he has time to prepare beforehand. I remember something about him placing a virus in cyborg's system beforehand in the injustice comics, and he used it against him in a fight.
One to one I'll say is equal chances, but leaning in cyborg's favor.
Sameak forum 4 days ago
Hey Galactus here 2 heroes that are interesting to put on here if you want. Raiden heres his info and heres a cool video showing off his skills but warning to younger viewers though/ felt bad for him at 1:00-2:00 :// . Snake AKA Big Boss heres his info and heres a video of him thats just epic .
sapuramura Alex Mercer 4 days ago
By the way nice stats, I totaly agree with his powergrid.
sapuramura Alex Mercer 4 days ago
Alignment - good?
In the first game he's anti-hero
In the second game he's main villain
He was never a good guy!
Galactus forum 4 days ago
You're welcome!
Sameak Alex Mercer 4 days ago
My all time favorite character he has the potential to become the most powerful character above all even galactus. His theme is even beautiful ://
Sameak Flash Thompson 4 days ago
This guy needs a update
Sameak forum 5 days ago
Thank you Galactus

New superhero class system!

The site has been collecting user generated stats for a while now. Over 13000 stat-bars have been created by you. I've renamed them to uSTATS. I also want to introduce the all new 'uCLASS', a class system based on the uSTATS. To get the uCLASS I need a perfect formula. The perfect balance between the six different stats. What do you think the perfect formula would be to create the uCLASS? What is the most important part of the stats, intelligence, power or....?

Forum: New superhero class system!


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