Density Control


What is Density Control?

Density control is the ability for a character to alter his or her density. The ability to decrease one's density is often called intangibility, and means that the user can do things such as walk through walls. Prime examples of intangibility are Martian Manhunter and Shadowcat. The increasing of one's density usually involves hardening the user's skin. Characters who have used this ability include the Blob and Emma Frost. Some characters are able to do forms of both, like the Vision, Shinobi Shaw, or the Spider-Man villain Sandman. Some characters like Firestorm can control the density of other objects as well. Jesse from ‘’Mutant X’’ also has this ability which allows him to turn from intangible to impervious. He can only stay in either form as long as he can hold his breath. Some of the most powerful telekinetics (X-Man) can phase by telekinetically negotiating the spaces between atoms.

Characters with Density Control

Atom IIEmma FrostHuskKevin 11Miss MartianOffspringPlastic ManSandmanVision
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